Gateway’s consulting practice continues to grow with three recent engagements.

Gateway has a longstanding relationship with the Saint Louis Mental Health Board, and most recently Gateway staff and consultants have been engaged to establish an application and selection process in support of the allocation of Mental Health Board funds to expand the supply of affordable housing for clients with special needs. As these funds are allocated Gateway will also monitor the progress of construction activities undertaken by selected agencies.

The newly formed Land Bank of Kansas City, MO, has engaged Gateway to facilitate the Board of Directors’ initial strategic planning sessions, which began in February and will continue through May of this year. With Gateway’s help, the Land Bank has adopted a mission statement, established an initial website presence, and begun the work necessary to take title to properties in the name of the Land Bank.

Lastly, Midwest BankCentre has contracted with Gateway staff to monitor construction compliance during the rehabilitation of Garfield School in St. Louis. The work is scheduled to begin in June of this year.

Had it not been for the receipt of this funding, we simply would not have been able to begin our project.

Margaret May - Executive Director, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council