Gateway strives to expand capital access for organizations that seek financing to develop and maintain affordable housing. Gateway’s loan products include permanent first mortgage financing, predevelopment lending, and purchase/construction loans. Its borrowers are both for- and non-profit entities working in underserved areas throughout Gateway’s Target Markets, the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan regions, as well as other communities across Missouri, Southern Illinois and Eastern Kansas. More information and applications for each loan product line is available via the menu on the right.


Investing in Gateway helps facilitate the development and preservation of affordable housing in low- and moderate-income communities in the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan regions. Providing a “double bottom line”, investments in Gateway are prudently managed for acceptable rates of return and yield positive social impact. Underwriting standards are in place to effectively manage the risks of this lending activity.

Gateway currently administers Participation Loan Pools for the purpose of creating or preserving affordable housing in its target markets, the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan regions.

  • Participant’s share in each loan is proportionate to the interest in the entire pool
  • Loan Committee is composed of one representative from each Participant institution, with proportional voting rights
  • Loans are secured by first deed of trust, or second if approved by Loan Committee
  • Annual Community Impact Report summarizing the benefits produced through lending activities is provided to all Participants

An independent public accounting firm audits Gateway annually. For additional information regarding the participation loan pool investment process, please contact us.

Had it not been for the receipt of this funding, we simply would not have been able to begin our project.

Margaret May - Executive Director, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council